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Exide Mileage Fm10-Mi35r 35Ah

Exide Mileage range of batteries have excellent spill-resistant characteristics and are well suited for use in hot weather conditions. These batteries come equipped with "Magic Eye" function to help determine electrolyte level and state-of-charge.

रू. ६,९९९ Rs. 6,999
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Product Description

  • Robust design – to take care of stringent application requirements
  • Special side vented cover design – excellent spill-resistant characteristics
  • Double clad separation – high reliability and life expectancy ensures customer satisfaction
  • Technology – to suit high temperature applications
  • Appearance – rugged with appealing cosmetics
  • Magic Eye – for determination of electrolyte level and state-of-charge
  • Easy to use – batteries delivered in factory-charged, ready-to-use condition

Product Specifications

Voltage: 12 V
Warranty: 48 months for pro-rata car + 12 Months (for taxi )
Capacity: 35 Ah
Type: Atb Max Range

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