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Sukam “Shiny” 250 Va

It is a super silent UPS with an automatic overload sensor and fuzzy logic that is designed to put your comfort first. The cool looks of course, is a bonus. All this and more. Just to ensure that you live life without a pause.

रू. १५,९९९ Rs. 15,999
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Product Description

Sukam 250VA Shiny Pure Sinewave UPS is a revolutionary new technology that will make you expect more from your power back up. It not only offers non-stop protection for all your valuable appliances, it does it so silently, that you’ll forget you have a UPS. Being a Sine Wave UPS, it offers non-stop protection for your appliances and more efficiency for reduced power consumption. And there’s more. 


Product Specifications

Voltage: 12 V
Warranty: 24 Months 
Ups Type: Sukam Home Ups "Pure Sine Wave"
Type: Shiny
Watts: 200 watts


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